Grandpa Jack Unveil Psychedelic Flavored Debut Single + Debut Album Annoucement

Lost Moon Records announces Grandpa Jack’s debut album and release of first single “Mariana.”

Brooklyn-based power trio Grandpa Jack is no stranger to heavy riffs and otherworldly soundscapes that defy time and tempo. With primal grooves, fuzzed out guitars and a thundering low end, Grandpa Jack’s self-titled debut record is a heavy-handed take on psychedelic rock that explores the darker reaches of the soul.

Johnny Strom, guitarist and vocalist in Grandpa Jack shares: “When we started writing the record, we quickly realized that lyrically, the songs take on an observational quality. They’re all meant to reflect on human nature and the folly of man.”

The band tracked and mixed the record with Matt Labozza of studio G then teamed up with mastering wizard Brad Boatright of Audiosiege (Sleep, Yob, Corrosion of Conformity) to transform each track into a hard-hitting sonic exploration of the mind.

Gearing up for the full album release, Grandpa Jack unleashes their first single “Mariana” which sets the tone and vibe of the sounds to come. On writing the track, bassist Jared Schapker says: “The music came first. We sort of created this huge, slow-lurching, riff-heavy song and the lyrics that came later totally reflect that.” Drummer and vocalist Matt C. White adds “It’s about exploring the deep dark fears and thoughts that we all share and are a part of human nature. This is described metaphorically through the concept of drowning in your own thoughts and succumbing to the depths of your own mind.”

The song and pre-order of the full album are available now on standard streaming platforms. The full album will be available on August 10, 2018.

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