Single Review ~ Toronto Blessings ~ “Give Nothing”

Toronto Blessings are not from Toronto, but they are a blessing. They’re from the UK… and if I do say so myself are pretty awesome. Their recently released new single is called “Give Nothing.” And if you are wondering what to expect, I would describe it as if The Killers went metal and added a little synth.

“Growing tired of the constraints of the hardcore/metal scene. They wanted to put something together fresh that would excite them and challenge them as songwriters” – Facebook Bio

They are “taking it all and giving nothing back,” and if you are wondering what I mean, then give “Give Nothing” a listen. Seriously. If you’re into a mix of punk, metal and rock, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, in fact, I predict your head will be banging a few bars into it.

“Give Nothing” was released May 11 and follows their previous single, “Sorrow Can Swim,” released in 2017. They will be performing shows in the UK this summer, so if you happen to be in town don’t miss this up and coming band and join them on their journey.

The band consists of 3 friends, Dale, Rik, and Murray, and they are bringing metal to light in their own unique and talented way. Aside from the sound, their lyrics really of “Give Nothing”, are that of unique. You feel something and want to keep listening. If you’re like me, you can certainly, appreciate a song that make you feel like you can push mountains. Just give it a listen yourself.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Molly Manuszewski

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