Album Review ~ Code Red Riot ~ ‘Mask’

When my editor asked me to review the new Code Red Riot album, I think I almost leaped out of my chair with excitement. I say this because their vocalist, Corky G is a good friend. I have known him since his days as a drummer in the band Otherwise. He has now put together his own band and they have released their debut album, Mask on the RED Music/ Sony label.

Mask delivers 12 tracks of what I can only describe as melodic aggression. I felt as though I was behind the wheel of a high octane fueled funny car with the gas pedal slammed to the ground.

“Panic and Pain” is an absolute scorcher straight out of the box. The guitar work is fast and frantic and the rhythm section truly delivers, however it is Corky who truly shines here. Stepping from behind the kit, he has become quite the contender as a vocalist and frontman.

“Living Low” is the first single off of Mask. I remember hearing this last year when Corky was just starting to put CRR together. The song is energetic, catchy, and should be all over the radio!

“Chaos Calls” and “Slide” are two of my favorite tracks on the album. The latter has this really cool Smithereens on steroids vibe to it.

I really find it quite a bold move to bring the album to a close with two slower songs, but you know it completely works. Think of it as a cool down after going the distance in a grueling workout.

“7 More Days” is an incredible mid-tempo number that showcases another side of Corky’s talents as a vocalist. The chorus is an instant hit and easily embedded in your brain after first listen.

“My Failing Soul” is the closest thing to a ballad that you will hear from Code Red Riot. The theme deals with rebuilding and the lyrics are very relatable. The song completely slows things down and allows you to catch your breath and let your heart rest after then adrenaline fueled marathon it was just on.

Congratulations to Code Red Riot on releasing one hell of a debut album. This is modern hard rock at its finest. Every song is fueled with passion and emotion, as good rock music should be.

Mask will be a welcome addition to my music collection, and I suggest everyone else do the same and add it to their collection. It is available on all your favorite digital music outlets.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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