Album Review ~ Nick Arkin ~ ‘Finding Beauty in Sadness’

It has been said that artists create best when they are at their lowest.  Whether it is a blank canvas or empty notebook, heartbreak and tragedy and prove to be an inspirational muse of sorts.  The aptly titled Finding Beauty in Sadness is a soul bearing journey from independent folk artist Nick Arkin.

Nick has this really warm baritone voice that you typically don’t hear in a lot of today’s music. Pair that with that gorgeous sound of stripped down acoustics, and you have something truly exceptional.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this five song EP, my choice for standout tracks, are “Not My Life”, “Real Me”, and the closing instrumental, “Schonen Klang.”

Kudos to Mr. Arkin for releasing Finding Beauty in Sadness and sharing this dark, yet very honest piece of his life with the musical world.    My hope is that anyone who picks this up and gives it chance will find their own version of beauty, as I have. 7/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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