Earth Moon Earth Unveils Video For “It Begins”

 Earth Moon Earth is a modern experimental/cosmic rock band from Los Angeles and California’s High Desert, created by drummer/composer/producer Dan Joeright (Jim White, Terry Hall, The Rentals) and joined by High Desert native, singer/songwriter Gabba Evaro.  The band recently premiered a video for the song “It Begins.”

Joeright came across vocalist/lyricist Evaro performing in Joshua Tree, later inviting her to come his Gatos Trail Studio in the Yucca Valley.  It was apparent right away that there was an indelible chemistry between the music and the voice – a special musical sympaitco.  Gabba was able to navigate Dan’s symphonically dense compositions, find space, fill it with graceful melodies and through her lyrics, create colorful imagery.

Joeright and Evaro are joined by Be Hussey on bass (Radar Bros), Esteban Chavez on synths (The Freeks), Scott “Glitch” Schaffer on theremin and Bob Villwock on keyboards. This synth heavy, celestial project blends elements of electronic, space and psychedelic rock. Shamanistic drum rhythms, lush bass and melodic synth sounds create a cinematic landscape for Gabba’s smoky vocals to explore in.

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