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The German rock band Kissin’ Dynamite started out all the way back in 2006, and they are here to keep rock alive. Throughout the years they have managed to keep their modern hard rock style, while still giving fans a new feel in each album. They recently released a new album called Ecstasy and if you call yourself a rock fan, you shouldn’t hesitate to add it to your playlist. This group of best friends has shown that rock can truly keep friendship long-lasting and create a bond like no other. Their music brings people from around the world together, just like those before who inspired them to be Kissin’ Dynamite. We sat down with drummer Andi Schnitzer recently and talked about the new album and much more!

It’s so nice to hear the great sound of rock, and you guys are definitely keeping it alive, and for eleven years now. How would you say you’ve grown as a band throughout this time?

Andi Schnitzer/Kissin’ Dynamite: Hello! Thank you. I think, we’ve made quite a journey over the years. Hannes made a quite good comparison the other day. He said, our career so far was like the periods of growing up from a child to a grown up. During the first three albums, which you could compare with our childhood, we were quite naive but also free and did just what came to our mind, not overthinking stuff too much. But it was also quite chaotic and sometimes unfocused here and there. With Megalomania and Generation Goodbye, we hit puberty and suddenly questioned a lot, which was important for finding ourselves, also if we went a little bit over the top here and there in terms of sythy sound stuff. And with Ecstasy, it really feels like being grown up in a way so that we now know even more who we are. The mind is getting a bit calmer again and the gut is coming more in the game, which feels really good. That’s why we went more back to the roots again with this album and reduced it to the essentials: Straight, feel-good hard rock with no experiments or compromises. Of course, the journey will never be over, but that is our status quo, I’d say.

Congratulations on your new album Ecstasy, I love the mix of feeling throughout it and I think it sounds great. How long did it take for the album to become what it is?

Thanks! It actually really began in summer 2017. This was a time that was really relaxed and where we didn’t have any further plans, so also no pressure at all. So, Hannes and I started writing songs, just for the sake of it and because we enjoyed going with the flow that we had at the time. After a few weeks, we realized that we already had many very good songs, although it hadn’t really felt like hard work. Suddenly, things changed and got specific: We signed with Metal Blade and Sony and had a fix plan to release the new album in summer 2018. So it was great to already have most of the album, because like that we had no stress at all and could finish it with a relaxed pace.

Where did you get the inspiration for most of the song writing on the album?

In terms of music, you’d have to ask Hannes, but I guess, the vibe in the band has a lot to do with how the vibe of an album is going to be. And I think, if you listen to Ecstasy, you’ll notice, that we’re having a real good time right now. It’s was all about making a good, lighthearted summer album which is fun to listen to but which kicks ass as well.

In terms of lyrics, this time I was inspired more of the little stories in life that everybody knows and that everybody can relate to. You just think of which emotions you’ve had yourself and why, or you look at other people and analyse their behaviors . And I also wrote more rock n’ roll lyrics again, for instance “I’ve Got the Fire” or “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.” I took it all more easy again and did it more with a wink in comparison to the sometimes more serious “Generation Goodbye.”

If you had to choose one song on the album that really describes your music for someone who’s never heard your music before to listen to, which song would it be?

I guess I’d pick “I’ve Got the Fire” or “Waging War” because they’ve got what KD is about: A kick ass attitude, really hooky choruses and a hymn like touch, which makes it proud and big.

You have been around each other a lot so I’m sure you feel a lot like brothers. Is there any time you don’t get along, if so how to you handle that and move forward? I admire you have all been an original band for so long.

Yes, I also think that this is a real value that not many bands see anymore. Of course, you can’t say what will happen in the future, but if you’ve got the mental power as a band to stay together instead of going the easy way and kick band members, you’ll just get stronger. Rammstein for example is also such a band. You just couldn’t imagine someone else in this band than those six. It’s like a magic circle. And of course, we’ve also had major crises. There was a time when Hannes wanted to quit and there was a time when I wanted to quit. But this is just brainfuck and you’ve got to get over it in order to become sane again. And of course, staying grounded and showing some respect to each other are the keys to not becoming crazy and for instance starting to argue because of bullshit like money or women.

You guys are fixing to go on tour in Europe; what can we expect?

You’re right! We’re about to support Powerwolf for four weeks through Europe. Can’t wait for it. Of course, we will play new songs, but also our “classics.” Without question, it’s gonna be the highlight of the year.

Do you guys try to do any covers of your songs in German when performing, or how does that usually go?


What is one song you still try to play at most shows that’s been around a while?

I think “I Will be King” is more or less our “hit” which is a must have at every KD show.

Can you tell me about the most memorable time since being a band? I’m sure there’s a lot, but something that just stuck out to you?

For me, the gig in Tokyo was really magic. We were on a little Japan tour for a week back in 2013. I guess it was the week in my life where I got the less sleep ever. The whole trip was quite unreal, almost like being on another planet. I remember, that we turned the plane into a rock n roll plane while flying to Osaka, emptying the whole wine stocks and having a party together with the stewardesses in the area where only they where supposed to be located. And at the gig, when Hannes said ‘Hey Tokyo’ and 500 Japanese people screamed like hell and rocked out like there’s no tomorrow, I couldn’t believe it. The proof is on Youtube, by the way!

Any plans of coming to the U.S.?

Fortunately, we’re signed to Metal Blade now. With the fact that they’re located in LA, there is a realistic chance to come to the U.S. It’s still a big dream for us. Till now, there are no specific plans yet, but I hope, it’ll change very soon.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Molly Manuszewski

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