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I love when a band is from all over the world. It gives a different perspective on the meaning of the music, and a different sound all together. We all love originality, but still want something we can recognize. I think I may have found a band that fits that description.  Their name is Talia, and they have been around for a while, but not quite like this. The lead singer Nicolas Costa is from Paris, France and accompanying him is his bandmate Alice, who is from Los Angeles.  The original member, Nicolas, has been through different mates in the past, but has finally found a unique group of people that help make the sound of Talia a unique one. If you love versatility, and 90’s rock vibes, I would tune into Talias‘ new EP Let Sleeping Dogs Die. You won’t be disappointed. I sat down with band founder Costa and learned a bit more about this awesome band.

I’m loving everything about your new EP Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, including the title. Can you tell me a little bit about the meaning behind that?

Thanks!  It’s the state of mind we were in before we started the record and we were trying to get out of it. We could have stayed in France and keep doing the same thing or change a little and try other things, especially try and tour in the states, which we did and loved it.

You guys just got done with The Flawless Smile Tour with FLAW and Smile Empty Soul. How was that experience?

It was great, we learned a lot and got along great with everybody. These guys tour a lot and they play an amazing show every night, they’re really respectful to the audience.

I know you’ve been through different band mates for a while, how would you say you’ve changed throughout the years with your music?

The beginning of the band was more hard rock, specially the songs structures, after a while we got more to the point, the songs got shorter, less “fluff “ too.

I love good ol’ rock history, so I love knowing about how a band came to be. How did the whole gang, as it is today, meet?

Alice and I met in 2012; the band had already put out two records but, wasn’t going anywhere. Things started to be better when she came in; I guess I needed someone like her with me. She was really into the band and she instantly knew how to act with me; that’s probably the reason why we ended up having a kid together. With the drummer we had at that time (the one played on Thugs They Look Like Angels our previous record) we started to play better venues and we recorded Thugs… it was the first record I was really proud of, then the drummer left and we got another one, and another one… we’ve had like four drummers since.

Where did the name Talia come from?

I wanted a girl’s name for the band ‘cause at the beginning we were three guys and I thought it’d be funny cause people would expect some good looking girl to come on stage and would end up seeing three ugly dudes… I like the actress Talia Shire a lot and I thought her name was cool so…

Who are some of each of your music inspirations?

Nirvana was a big thing for me, and a lot of hard rock bands from the 70’s and also Guns N’ Roses, I remember spending a whole summer learning all the riffs on Appetite for Destruction.

Your sound has a 90s’ rock feel, which I love, we need some of that nowadays. What is something you miss about 90s’ rock?

Everything (wink).

I know you’re originally from Paris, France. What are some obstacles you’ve faced being so far from home?

Well we still live in Paris even if we try to come to LA as often as we can, the only obstacle is that we can’t tour as much as we would like too because we’re not Americans.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

I usually tell people they won’t like it just to hear them say “oh I’m sure it’s very good” ha ha !!

Can we expect to see any more work in the future, possibly an album or another tour?

Yeah definitely, we’re gonna put out some things from the tour (videos…) and start working on new material, and tour again in America as soon as we can.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Molly Manuszewski

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