Kara Connolly Premieres Infectious New Single “Life In Rear View”

Singer-Songwriter and actress Kara Connolly celebrated the release of her new single “Life In Rear View” at the Hotel Cafe on July 20th, the day of its release. She premiered the track on Popmatters and it can be heard below.

The debut single, “Life In Rear View,” is an “infectious acoustic-driven song” with a unique genre-bending blend of pop, folk, and country that takes you on an introspective road-trip from breakdown to breakthrough. “I’m relentless. I have a hard time letting go of the things I love, even if I’ve outgrown them,” Kara declares.

“I wrote the song during a period of transition,” she recalls, “My high school sweetheart and I ended our 6-year relationship, my childhood dog was dying, home life was tumultuous, I was graduating from college and uncertain about my future in all regards… I didn’t know how I was going to survive so many changes at once.”

It was at this moment, that Kara realized she could either cling desperately to the past, stuck in the rearview mirror as life passed her by, or jump in the driver’s seat and move forward. She clarifies, “I know it’s a bit ironic to release a song titled, “Life in Rear View,” first, but it sent me on this journey to discover who I am and what it is I want, which is essentially the rest of the record,” Kara resolves.

With a full-length album Life In Rear View coming later this year, produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson) and mastered at the legendary Capitol Records, as well as a recent sold out show at the iconic Hotel Cafe, Kara won’t have to worry about being a memory for long.


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