Album Review ~ Enuff Z’Nuff ~ ‘Diamond Boy’

Ever since the release of their juggernaut self-titled debut album, Enuff Z’Nuff have managed to continue to release quality rock and roll music well into their third decade. There have been some personnel changes along the way, but they have managed to persevere and create new music while so many of their peers have called it a day.

Today, August 10, 2018, sees the release of their latest studio effort, Diamond Boy (Frontiers SRL).  Produced by founding and last original member, Chip Z’Nuff, Diamond Boy is a great straight ahead rock and roll album that doesn’t stray too far from the mold that they created more than thirty years ago. They always managed to mix great hooks and melodies of bands from the 70’s glam era and still make them sound current.

“Transcendence” opens up the album beautifully with this great trippy, psychedelic vibe. The harmonies are on point, as is the standard with EZN albums.

The title track, “Diamond Boy” starts off with an infectious fuzz laden guitar riff that segues into Chip’s raspy lead vocals. Extremely catchy tune with a very unique yet retro feel.

“Where Did You Go?” is the first of two singles released off of Diamond Boy. This is easily one of the album’s highlights. The song has a great sing along chorus and is most reminiscent of the Enuff Z’Nuff that I grew up listening to.

“We’re All The Same” is a fun up tempo number that will have you jumping up and down and pumping your fist.

“Down On Luck” and “Love Is On The Line” are the two ballads represented on the album. Each of them have their own vibe, but work very well the rest of the material. “Down On Luck” has a darker, melancholy tone, while “Love On The Line” gives you an uplifting feeling of hope. That is what I took away from it anyway.

“Metalheart” is a killer tune. It is a bit of a departure to a heavier side of EZN and it’s a move in the right direction. Driving guitars and solid rhythm section really set this song apart. I would love to hear more of this in the future.

“Faith, Hope_Luv” is my personal pick for best track on the album. All of the right elements come together in one track. The guitar sound is just as huge as that bass has some serious funk on it. It was stuck in my head immediately. I am even singing it as I write this review.

“Dopesick” has killer harmonies with a feel and sound similar to “Fool on the Hill” by the Beatles. That is until the chorus comes in, and then it’s pure Enuff Z’Nuff.

Diamond Boy comes to a close with the lush and melodic, “Imaginary Man.” In my opinion, this is a very ambitious musical creation that brings everything together and leaves this listener very satisfied.

Enuff Z’Nuff truly shines like a diamond with the release of Diamond Boy. I know that sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true. They have managed to continually crank out old fashioned rock and roll that is honest and kicks ass! Here’s to another 30+ years! Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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