Album Review ~ Ultraphonix ~ ‘Original Human Music’

When news broke that Corey Glover and George Lynch were collaborating on a musical project, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. These two gentlemen are already very well respected in the industry with their own bands. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Living Colour or Dokken? Just imagine that creative possibilities. Would the album be heavy, soulful, and introspective? Will the album have George’s (Lynch) fluid and tasteful fretwork? The answer is a resounding YES!

Fast forward to August 3, 2018, and Lynch and Glover have teamed up with bassist, Pancho Tomaselli, and drummer, Chris Moore to round out the band known as Ultraphonix. Their debut album, Original Human Music is out and it is just incredible!

Original Human Music is everything that you want it to be, expect it to be, and still manages to exceed all expectations.

“It’s a hybrid cross between heavy metal, jazz, and progressive,” exclaims Lynch. “

I would have to agree with George (Lynch) and take it a step further. There is a lot of bluesy, almost gospel moments weaved throughout.

OHM opens up with the soul punching, “Baptism.”  Great up-tempo number with a solid groove foundation built by the rhythm section of Moore & Tomaselli.

“Another Day” is a great melodic rock track.  This one is a bit of a slow burner with some very tastefully placed leads from Lynch.

Inspired by the world’s current events, the band wrote “Walk, Run, Crawl.” It is easily one of the heaviest tracks on all of Original Heart Music. Following a brief and faint guitar riff, Chris Moore leads the way with this powerhouse drumming and brings the others to the forefront to shine.

“Heart Full of Rain” is hands down my favorite track on the entire album. While the guitar work from George Lynch is absolute gorgeous in its sparseness and restraint, it is Corey’s tender and bluesy pipes that truly shine on this soulful ballad.

While I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, I can tell you that the remainder of the album is absolutely stellar. Tracks to pay attention to would be the funk flavor of “Soul Control”, and the empowering “Take a Stand.”

This musical masterpiece comes to a close with the aptly titled “Power Trip.” The theme is an overall cry out for salvation. In my honest opinion, this has to be one of Corey Glover’s most honest and soul bearing performances of his entire career.

Ultraphonix have without a doubt released an album of music that speaks volumes to the human spirit. Listening to Original Human Music has made me feel passion, rage, hope, love, and an ultimate sense of freedom. As a music fan, I implore you to get yourself a copy of OHM just completely lose yourself to the music. Rating: 9/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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