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We The Kings assembled an amazing well written very lyrical album on Six which was released on July 6th, 2018.  Prepare yourself to go on the same rollercoaster of feelings as they were feeling when writing this album because it’s delivered and poured out soulfully.  My rollercoaster analogy is just that, you’ll feel the highs and lows, ups and downs, and when it’s done it will leave you wanting more.  It’s a masterpiece of music you’ve known and loved of We The Kings typical pop music but also introduces the need to stay relevant with what I would call sounds of pop punk to pop rap.

Within the first 30 seconds of “On My Love,” I was wishing I was 16 standing in the rain feeling first love forever.  You know that moment when you can’t wait to hold someone, look into their eyes and be silly together.  I just pictured myself happy, carefree and jumping up and down in the rain with not a care in the world.  The song continued to deliver the feeling of joy and happiness all the way to the end.  “And I’ll be here, all for you, I’ll never break your heart, on my love. follow you through the dark. On my love” tell me that doesn’t scream teenage love.  Getting to relive a moment of happiness at any age is a winner to me.

“The Ocean and the Sun” continues your happy feeling and makes you feel forever is obtainable.  The pop rapid urgent beat makes you feel like running quickly to your loved one and continue to run to just escape reality and the world.  “As long as I have you, that place forever lives” is absolutely the strongest words with in this whole song.  The song is infectious and your feet with not stop moving.

“Even If It Kills Me” builds on youthful young love.  The simple old saying if you set something free and it comes back to you than its yours.  You’ve heard it so many times in the cliché love movies and in the end the person comes running back realizing how much they love the person and can’t be away from them.  Well this song would fit perfectly in one of those Nicolas Sparks love movies.  In fact the majority of the album could fit seamlessly into a Nicolas Sparks movie, but lets just focus on this song. The chorus is definitely the bring you back around, keep you hanging on the song hoping in the end you’ll hear the words.  But you’ll just have to listen to it yourself to see does he get the girl back or not.

“Mama Knows Best” sadly we’ve all experienced the highs and lows of dating, and hopefully most of you have had supporting family to help you through the lows and enjoy in your highs.  But more importantly hopefully you’ve had someone to stand by your side to tell you the painful truths that sometimes must be told. “I’m on my way to learning I am a better me without you” lyric line tells me that the guidance that was given was not only taken but learned from.  The growth in a person to overcome is ever so important, the healing process can become a learning process.  Some how We The Kings manages to make an unpleasant into a positive and still give kudos to Mom along the way.

“Ride” delivers single word lyric emphasize making this song extremely powerful.  It’s not just what they are saying it’s the deliverance that has the impact as well. The chords and notes delivered in this song are predominate in a minor sense but then picks up into a more major key.  The sound and song are very grounding and peaceful.  It’s a perfect chill song, escape in the pureness of this song and you’ll find yourself finding yourself.

“Alive” is so extremely powerful from the beginning single piano key tap.  It might be my favorite song off the album for lyrics alone.  I love when artists are not afraid to tap into pouring their hearts out for fans to feel their eternal hidden pain.  With so many people in this world, artists included, struggling with depression it’s important to address these issues and put them out there.  “I’m alive for a reason, should have died, but I’m breathing, I’m alive for a reason” these lyrics just scream so loud the strength that you can find inside when you look deep enough.  Keep fighting, keep believing, and keep speaking out.  There is a better tomorrow.  Thank you for this pop rap song it’s encouraging to me and hope its encouraging to many others.

“I Won’t Settle” is the song you need for the final brush off.  You know that song that you search for on the radio after a break up that helps you move on, well this is that song.  It gives you the push, the fight, the strength to feel like you know your ok to move on and wash your hands of the toxic situation that you’ve been settling for in your relationship.   It delivers a poppy strength beat that repeats itself in the song giving you a constant beat to tie your momentum of moving forward and not looking back. If you’ve said these words in your past relationship maybe this song was wrote for you, “I loved everything it was, but you through it all away.”, “Maybe your right, maybe your wrong,… Why did I stay, I should have been gone gone gone.”

“Festival Music” was one of the single releases that We The Kings put out last year.  It’s a song that basically describes the enjoyment of fans and music combined.  It’s like a story telling of a small fun journey. It’s a simple carefree song.

“Planes, Trains and Cars” delivers the typical We the Kings vibe that most people expect in a song with a rhythmic constant of getting you where you need to be going.  The tempo to the song just gives you that urgent need to go fast at whatever you are doing at the moment.  Bottom line you’ll love this song if you’ve loved any of their other music.

“Immortal” on a wishful dream and thought that two souls together can fight all the odds and be immortal.  Rationally we all know that a living soul is not able to be immortal, but this song touches on the afterlife; the soul on earth and the soul beyond.  Together they can be immortal.  It’s rather a nice peace of mind to think you are not left in this world alone. “I know one day everything stops.  But we can beat the fate of our hearts. And we can change the words in our stars.  Cause you and I are immortal” sad lyrics to digest and the remainder of the song leaves a somewhat empty feeling in your stomach but a peacefulness at the same time. I think the thing the band is trying to get across in this message is make memories and take the time now why you have it.  So that when a time comes when your loved one is not here you have something to grasp and hold on to get you to the afterlife with no regrets.

“What I Wouldn’t Give” is a tear jerker.  The pain and love is so prevalent.  You feel the pain in the voice of Travis Clark deliverance as well and the soulful piano.  If only life could be lived the way we wish verse how God had it planned.  The wonder, the doubt, the pain, the acceptance, it’s all here in this one song.  And leaves the album on a sad but understanding note, that we all must deal with death of a loved one.  Life is a gift.  You’re only given one life to share with others while you walk this earth, you can’t share your gift with others after they pass, so share openly now with no regrets. I leave you all to ponder this line in the song, “What I wouldn’t give for one more day, and I would give my eyes if I could see you one last time”, “There is nothing I wouldn’t give for time.”

By Contributing Photographer/Writer Michalle Henderson

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