Singles Review ~ Adelitas Way ~ “Still Hungry” & “Drifting”

Are you “drifting” through life feeling “still hungry” for some amazing music that will rock your world?  Look no further.  Adelitas Way released two new singles recently; “Still Hungry” and “Drifting”.  If you haven’t heard them yet you don’t know what the “F” you’re missing.

“Ain’t in it for the fame.  Ain’t in it for the money.  And I will do whatever it takes, I’m still Hungry!”  if these lyrics don’t scream to you about a band that will do pretty much whatever it takes, then I don’t know what will.  “Still Hungry” was released on April 6, 2018 and already has over one million listens and climbing.  I can feel my heart beat out of my chest with every drum beat and bass drop.  The song is incredible, uplifting and by a simple search of the internet seems to be empowering people around the world to challenge themselves on personal goals.

The most recent single release is “Drifting” released on July 20, 2018. As a huge fan of Adelitas Way, I draw inspiration from every song they release and this one is no different.  Picking out a few lyric lines “Don’t be scared to try, if you look inside.  You could be anything.  I could be anything”, “Maybe I sold my soul for a song”, “Maybe I found every line I’d cross”, “Drifting Just like me” puts me in a frame of mind realizing that we are all alike and dreams are endless, but you have to pursue them to achieve them.  Work hard to search for the thing that you once wanted, everyone is equal but to achieve greatness you have to be willing to look deep inside.

Las Vegas, Nevada based Adelitas Way is known for paving the way for independent artists looking to shake the tails of labels and stigmatisms.  The band is composed of singer and front man Rick DeJesus, Trevor Stafford on drums, Andrew Cushing on bass and (currently) Tavis Stanley on Guitar.  They seamlessly work together, all sharing facets to the industry that a label or PR manager would normally handle, and they do it will class and style.  They are rock and roll with a hard edge yet find time to give love and respect to their fans at every show. Don’t miss listening to one of their newest singles and join their growing army of over 850K Spotify listeners.

If you want to catch a live performance, Adelitas Way will be on tour with Fozzy starting August 24th. A complete set of dates can be found HERE.

By Contributing Photographer/Writer Michalle Henderson



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