The 131ers Release Video For Their Dreamy & Infectious Track “Ballerina”

Hailing from Torrance, CA, The 131ers are Kaleb Davies (vocals/guitar), Ryan Dawson (drums), Chris Graue (bass), and Greg Wilmot (guitar). The genre-bending, indie-rock foursome recently released their new album, Nothing’s As It Should Be and are booking a fall tour in support.

The band just released a music video for track “Ballerina” which has this dreamlike, infectious flow to it. Kaleb Davies explains, “It’s about a relationship that was never supposed to be. 

“Remember the days of Alternative Rock that was the soundtrack to your life? Well, there are still some bands creating music just like that and Californian band the 131ers might be your hidden gem to uncover…the young act offers a unique blend of styles that is soulful, melodic, and truly is an alternative to whatever else is going on at the moment” – Cryptic Rock

“The musical mission of this guitar-driven, drum-powered foursome seems absolutely clear: to have fun, feel alive and take everyone along with them. Witness the bouncy beat and upbeat handclaps of the irresistible “Crazy,” feel the rumbling energy that propels the song’s chorus, and it’s clear this is a unit that is smart and confident in its playfulness. Another bold beat drives “Don’t Wanna Go,” pushing its melodic, infectious power right up until the song’s a cappella climax. The band then downshifts on the slow-burning song “Ballerina,” demonstrating a soulfulness, depth and vocal versatility that is impressive. Each track is rendered with an extreme clarity that helps these songs to come alive” – Music Connection 

The name of the band comes from an error in early MP3 tagging technology. These files carry data including title, artist, album, and more. The genre tag options were severely limited, and many artists found themselves unable to fit neatly into any of the boxes they could check. Several of these artists would leave the field blank, generating an error displaying “131” in the genre column of music playing software. As a child, Kaleb noticed that several of his favorite artists carried this error and would go on to call their box-breaking sound “indie rock.” 131 later became the short code to define this genre in MP3 tags. 

“Pringles may have cornered the market (and the trademark!) on “Once you pop, you can’t stop,” but the sentiment behind the catchy tagline applies to the catchy pop sound of the California-based the 131ers. Their latest album, “Nothing’s As It Should Be,” is chock-full of delectable audible delicacies, the kind you can’t help but revisit over and over again” — 

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