West Virginia Duo Mink’s Miracle Medicine Premiere “Page of Me”

Melissa Wright (vocals, guitar) and Daniel Zezeski (drums, vocals), the duo behind Mink’s Miracle Medicine  – will release their second single “Page of Me” on 8/31. Today, Wide Open Country premieres the track: “[Melissa] Wright’s singing and the slow build of [Danny] Zezeski’s playing give the song a slow-burning power: the kind that hits you in the gut like only the  best country torch songs and punk rock pump-ups can.”

The track is from their forthcoming sophomore release Pyramid Theories, a new album the two began writing after their van broke down in Pittsburgh and they found themselves stranded for several days. That unintentional break gave Wright and Zezeski time to contemplate their shared musical philosophy, and they ultimately realized that they needed to make music for themselves, rather than trying to appease anyone else. When they got home, Wright immediately began writing what would become Pyramid Theories. The album will be released on October 5th.

Earlier this month, Glide Magazine premiered the title track “(“Pyramid Theories”), out August 24th, “a Breeders meets Bob Welch era Fleetwood Mac molding of fuzz and folk harmony. Mink’s Miracle Medicine conjures thematic stanzas that hit on first listen with an explosive strength and vocal gallop that is irresistible.”

“I’d been writing a series of songs where they were all called ‘Pyramid Theories’ — there was ‘Pyramid Theories One,’ Two, Three, Tour, about ancient aliens and building the pyramids, and theories on humanity,” Wright says. “That was happening while I was writing the songs on the record. So it spoke to the era.”

Pyramid Theories opens with the title track, which, with its slow-burning bass line and fuzzy, almost droning guitar, gives off ’90s riot grrrl vibes while pontificating on ancient Roman architecture. That track is followed by “Page of Me,” which, again, features some ’90s hallmarks, but this time — thanks to some steel guitar and jangly piano — recalls the alt-country of early Wilco and Uncle Tupelo. In less capable hands, such disparate sounds on one album would make for a disjointed listening experience, but Wright and Zezeski find cohesion in the strength of their shared musical voice.

Another album highlight comes later in the track list in the form of “Born Again,” a laid-back seeming folk rocker that takes thoughtful stock of how one’s birthplace can so heavily affect the outcome of the rest of their life. As Wright and Zezeski explain, that song is actually several years old, and, though Pyramid Theories marks its first appearance in recorded form, has become a fan favorite at live shows over the years.

Pyramid Theories is the follow up to their debut House of Candles “a solid record that really establishes Wright and Zezeski not just as talented and articulate, but smart enough to be willingly vulnerable in a genre that doesn’t tend to reward legitimate emotions.” (- Noisey)

Pyramid Theories will be released October 5th.

Tour Dates:
9/5 Pittsburgh, PA @ 
Arsenal Lanes
9/29 Gettysburg, PA @
Garryowen Irish Pub
10/20 Alpharetta, GA @ 
Jekyll Brewing
10/24 Richmond, VA @
The Tin Pan
10/25 Shepherdstown, WV @
Photo Credit: 
Jessica Flynn

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