Album Review ~ Fear Me December ~ ‘Crystallized’

Fear Me December from the United Kingdom just dropped their latest EP, Crystallized on September 7, 2018. Formed in 2012 and with two releases under the collective belts, Fear Me December is ready bring their brand of heavy and melodic rock to the masses around the world.

“Fight Me” comes barreling in like a freight train with those great blast beats before settling into a thick and powerful groove. We are then treated to the soaring and seductive voice of vocalist, Victoria Cabanellas. This is an excellent high energy rocker and great way to kick off the EP.

“Not Wired the Same” carries on that same intensity and energy, however, the track definitely has melodic undertones and is extremely infectious. Kudos to guitarist, Stuart Woolley for the songs killer opening riff and fluid dexterity throughout the entire track.

On “This is Not OK”, is where the band really shines, in my opinion. This track has rock anthem written all over it. I could definitely hear this crossing over to the United States and be played on modern hard rock stations.

I don’t usually come across a band who leaves their first single as the last track on the album. Is it because it’s an EP, or maybe, just maybe, they are saving the best for last? It is quite easy to conclude that it is the latter. The title track, “Crystallized” is the best of all four tracks on the album. The opening riff is huge and heavy, the drums hit hard, and Victoria’s voice is absolute rock perfection. Her voice is gritty, soulful, and at times will melt your face off.

With the release of Crystallized, I believe that Fear Me December has come into their own. They have all the right elements to make them contenders in the hard rock and metal world. The songs hit you with heart and soul. I will be keeping an eye of this band. Rating: 8/10 Stars!

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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