Album Review ~ Uriah Heep ~ ‘Living The Dream’

It’s an amazing feat, to say your band has been around for 49 years. It’s even more amazing to be able to say that your band has been able to grow musically, keeping current while still keeping the style you’ve been known for. Uriah Heep has done just that with their latest album, Living the Dream.

With their debut in 1969 London, Uriah Heep has shaped their progressive, guitar and keyboard melded sound over 24 albums. The blending of the vocal harmonies with the guitars and keyboards come together almost perfectly, in almost rock operatic perfection.

The opening track, “Grazed by Heaven”, bursts into your senses with the melodies of the organ, quite unexpectedly. Having not heard Uriah Heep in some time, I found myself enjoying the smoothness of the keyboards but then having that raw guitar come right in, pure excellence. I had to remind myself that this was a new song, as it had that late 60’s early 70’s vibe but even better. The mark of a great artist is knowing how to grow, and they’ve mastered it.

The 5th track, “Rocks in the Road”, has that same kind of feeling, but I think with this one, they are paying a bit of respect to their roots. There is a wonderful long stretch where they are just jamming. No words, just the organ, and guitars, the instruments they are known for. It’s a beautiful blend of past and present. As with the earlier description, it’s beautiful in how well they work together.

Bernie Shaw has been lead vocals since 1986, with Phil Lanzon being co-lead. Mick Box being the original member in backing vocals and guitars, along with Davey Rimmer. The song “Waters Flowin’ “ shows off the harmonies these guys can put together. A simple song, with the primary focus is on the vocals. It will just amaze you when you hear them. The voices mesh so wonderful it’s hard to remember that they are singing lyrics!

Living the Dream was recently released on September 14. There are 11 tracks and these are just the 3 that hit me the most. The entire album is full of the same blending of yesterday and today, in a new twist of progressive rock. Give it a listen. What where your favorites? Let me know what you think!

Contributing Photographer/Writer for I’m Music Magazine Michele Hancock

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