City Of The Weak Merch / Banner Stolen in Kansas City

St. Paul’s City Of The Weak had just wrapped up a tour recently when they experienced something that no band wants to go through.

We asked (lead vocalist) Stef w/ an F what happened as they are based out of St Paul, MN and this happened in Kansas City.
“Our last date was in San Antonio 9/9 with Super Bob, we had van issues so we went to the Mercedes Benz Dealership in KC who we had dealt with before.  The van wasn’t fixable so we were forced to leave it there. The rental box truck we got didn’t match the hitch on our trailer, so our only option was to leave the trailer in the lot.  We asked 3 employees at the dealership what their opinions were and all three told us the lot was more than safe & nobody would mess with it, that there were cameras everywhere.

We left the lot at 6:30 pm & by 8:00 a.m. it was broken into & our merch was gone. What the dealership failed to tell us was that there was a string of major theft at that dealership – two hitches stolen in two weeks prior- one of the hitches was $4000.  The dealership is now saying there AREN’T cameras where our trailer was parked (they told us there was), & won’t release the camera footage of the rest of the lot to us & won’t cover us with their insurance. All we want is reimbursement for our losses.”
All of the City of the Weak backstock merchandise (about $10k) & banner ($1500) was stolen out of their trailer at the Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City.
You can read some of vocalist Stef w/an F posts on her Facebook … as well as bassist Cody page …

“If anyone has ANY information or sees anyone with or selling our merchandise PLZ let me know! If you would like to donate to help out you can donate to:” ~ Stef

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