Album Review ~ Below 7 ~ ‘Crashing Down’

Below 7 from Bristol, TN just unleashed their debut album, Crashing Down via Pavement Entertainment. I was fortunate enough to secure an advance listen, and I can honestly tell you that these fellas deliver the goods.

“Freight Train Coming” actually sounds like a locomotive coming down the tracks. Monster riffs and on and on point rhythm section pave the way for vocalist, Jarrod Evans to lay down his gritty and soulful pipes.

“Miss Misery” and “Church of Prophecy” are both phenomenal, high energy rockers. The latter has a bit of darker and heavier groove that I really enjoyed. This reviewer may or may not have been in air guitar mode will listening to this. J

“FU&YM2” will instantly become a fan favorite and translate over extremely well when performed live. No spoilers, you have to listen for yourself.

The groove laden title track, “Crashing Down” opens with a beautiful instrumental trade-off between guitarist, Todd Viers and bassist, Lance DeBord. Easily, this is my favorite track on the album. The overall feel is dark and moody with lyrics that I think everyone can relate to.

“Whiskey Baby” returns the album to its regular scheduled rocking with high octane energy and blistering guitar leads and solo.

“Millennial” will easily get stuck in your head when Jarrod (Evans) sings, “It’s only in my head!”

“Scream” brings the album to a close just the same way as it started. Loaded like a runaway freight train! Raucous riffs, powerhouse rhythm section, and a fist pump inducing chorus to drive it all home.

When all is said and done, Below 7 have put out an incredibly stellar album. Crashing Down is as solid as they come. If you are fan of no-frills hard rock that is honest and soulful, then you really need to grab a copy of this and crank the volume all the way to 11! Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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2 thoughts on “Album Review ~ Below 7 ~ ‘Crashing Down’

  1. Spot on review in my opinion…Thank you!!! I’m their biggest fan and these guys deserve this recognition. The whole album gets stuck “in my head”, and can’t honestly pick which track is my favorite. I love them all. So happy for these guys. Below 7…Crashing Down in a neighborhood near you!!!

  2. I’ve been following Jarrod since about 2013 on Facebook, and we have established a real rapport, so I’m especially pleased to be a fan from the UK, and to say how stoked I am that his hard work has finally paid off. All I need now is a CD to make it all complete, so I must check out Pavement, and sort it out. All the best for the future, guys. Roger, the old guy from England.

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