Album Review ~ Calling Grace ~ ‘We’re Out There Somewhere’

Calling Grace from Sioux City, Iowa are about to release their second EP entitled We’re Out There Somewhere. The official release date is November 10, 2018 and I’m Music Magazine was fortunate enough to get an advance listen. Based on what I have heard, these boys are about to make an impact in the hard rock community.

Opening track, “Seven” makes a huge impression right from the start. Lead guitarist, Alex Newman provides a subtle yet powerful opening riff to lead the way for the band to come crashing in and make their presence known. Powerful way to kick things off!

“Rose” follows up and is just as intoxicating as “Seven.” “Rose” opens up with big time heavy groove and vocalist Shawn Fertig really showcases a lot of power and emotion throughout.

“So Close To Gone” has really nice transitions from subdued and moody to all out aggression and rage. Drummer, Jake Rains delivers an amazing performance is justifiably the highlight of this track.

“Return To Sender” is easily the best track on the album. Opening with clean guitar and melodic vocals, the track unexpectedly takes a turn for the heavy and the band delivers the goods when the chorus kicks in.

You are definitely going to want to crank it up on “A Penny For Your Thoughts.” From the moment go, the song is a wrecking ball to your speakers (or headphones). Every element of the band melds together, twisting and turning to create something truly spectacular to finish out the record.

“Something Better” closes the EP with a chunky, chugging riff that is paired and complimented well with the drums to sound much like a fast beating heart or train racing down the track at high speed. The vocals, while controlled with restraint, definitely come off very passionate and heartfelt.

I have been a fan of Calling Grace since last year when they were highly recommended through mutual friend Hannah Maddox, vocalist of Scarlet Canary. Instantly, I became a fan of their first EP Here’s To The End and their infectious cover of the Simple Minds megahit “Don’t You Forget About Me.” With the release of We’re Out There Somewhere, these rockers from Sioux City are about to make a name for themselves. When November 10th rolls around, head on over to your favorite digital retailer or you can purchase from the band directly. Rating: 8.5/10 stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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