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Sweden’s own Creye have dropped their first full length album, following the three song EP, Straight To The Top released in 2017. Simply titled Creye, the album is 13 songs of pure, unadulterated melodic rock. All of the elements of a great AOR album are present. Huge synths/keyboards, precision tight rhythm section, majestic guitar solos, and a vocalist whose voice soars beyond the skies.

Opening strong with those killer synth sounds is “Holding On.” This is an excellent mid-tempo number with a driving rhythm and larger than life chorus that urges us to “Keep holding on, to love.”

“Nothing to Lose” keeps that momentum going and even turning it up a notch. Guitarist, Andres Gullstrand’s guitar wizardry is quite impressive. Pair that with vocalist, Robin Jidhed’s stellar pipes, and you have got something completely magic.

The first single and video from Creye is the edgy “Different State of Mind.” While still very much in the vein of the other two tracks, I got a little bit more of darker feel.

The majority of the album of basically the blueprint to the construct the perfect hard rock album for the modern day. Songs like “Miracle”, “Straight To The Top” and “Desperately Loving” are all destined to be played in stadium sized arenas with fans singing along to every word.

“Love Will Never Die” is an incredibly written love letter with an incredible backing soundtrack. You cannot help but sing along to the chorus when they profess “I live and I die, I breathe and I cry. My love will never die!”

Closing out the album is the hopeful mid-tempo rocker, “A Better Way.” What a great song that lifts your spirit and makes you believe the power of love can conquer anything.

Creye have delivered one of the best melodic rock albums that I have heard in quite some time. The musicianship of this band is untouchable. There is not one bad track anywhere on Creye. Anyone who longs for the days when music like this ruled the charts and airwaves, really need to support this band. They are definitely the future of this genre! Rating: 8.5/10 stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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