Album Review ~ Greta Van Fleet ~ ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’

Peaceful anthems, high mountains, and cold winds; Anthem of the Peaceful Army truly sets a tone for the ways of Greta Van Fleet. They bring in the sounds of harmonic justice that have reeled so many rock fans into the “Peaceful Army” in such a short period of time. And if that weren’t enough, the poetic lyrics take you to a new kind of groove. It makes you want to do your happy dance while enjoying the beautiful voices and feelings of nature. The band of brothers, Josh, Jake, Sam, and their friend Danny- are responsible for the ease of sounds displayed, and it’s only their debut album. How many artists can say they were invited to perform at Elton John’s Oscar party, while accumulating the attention of many great artists such as Robert Plant, followed by a powerful army of fans- all BEFORE their debut album is released? Greta Van Fleet can.

“Age of Man” starts off the record with a subtle peaceful voice from Josh, followed by a surprising twist, with a mix of Jake’s mesmeric cords and Danny’s riveting beat. It’s safe to say it sets the album up for success.

Then there are the classic sounds you may have heard at a show or YouTube video if you’ve been following them for a while, such as, “The Cold Wind,” “Lover Leaver,” “You’re the One,” and “Mountain of the Sun.” However, there “ain’t no denyin’” how different the studio versions still sound. You’ve never heard it quite like this before.

With “The Cold Wind,” you get to hear a fun new head-boppin’ tune that makes you want to sway along. I’m definitely giving credits to Sam’s smooth bass sound and Danny’s upbeat rhythm for this one.

“You’re the One” reels in an acoustic vibe, but of course, we don’t miss out on the gripping drum beat from Danny.

One of the newer songs, “Brave New World,” which is also a favorite of mine, takes a turn and influences that powerful inner soul to rise above. It definitely coincides with the lyrics, “Kill fear, the power of lies, for we will not be hypnotized” which lifts you up into the sky and makes you feel like you can conquer anything.

To sum it up, Anthem of the Peaceful Army quenches the thirst for all rock lovers. They end the poetic, folk-journey that is this album with “Anthem,” one of their recent singles; which sounds even better when it wraps up a groundbreaking debut album. We really hear Josh’s vocal talent stretched out in many satisfying ways.

Can’t say I’m surprised at how amazed I feel when listening to this album. They have already set the stage for rock n roll, and this is only the beginning.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Molly Manuszewski

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