Album Review ~ I:Scintilla ~ ‘Swayed’

Part of being an album reviewer is discovering hidden gems amongst all of the releases thrown your way. Industrial rock band I:Scintilla from Chicago are definitely one of those bands that take you completely by surprise and make you appreciate what it is that you do.

I had not been aware of I:Scintilla until I was given an advance of their latest album, Swayed for review. From the moment that I clicked on “Human.” My interest had instantly been peaked. Primal drum beats and wicked guitar laying the groundwork for frontwoman Brittany Bindrim. Brittany has a great voice and she brings an incredible energy to this song.

On the first single, “Carmena Saturna” the band chooses to mix those scathing guitars with creepy electronic elements and the results are as unpredictable as Brittany’s vocals. She goes from a whisper to a scream as the song reaches its boiling point and combusts. It’s one hell of a ride.

“Boxing Glove” is for lack of a better term, a hard hitter. Bassist Dean Dunakin’s heavy groove combined with eerie electronics make this one of the most powerful tracks on the album. The vocals hit just as hard with the line “Where is the love, where is the break?”

“Mercy Screams” is a gorgeous number layered with lush and atmospheric keyboards. hushed percussion, and haunting vocals.

“DFTD” comes across as dark and swinging, if that makes any sense. There is an undeniable groove thanks to drummer, Vincent Grech and a sense of urgency to defy when Brittany starts shouting the chorus, “Validation / Generations / Leaping between the devils!” An extremely catchy number, that I am sure will become a favorite in the set list.

Other album highlights are “Nothing But Recordings”, “Pieces”, and “Island” which clocks in at just over 6 minutes in length.

Closing out Swayed is the just under 11 minute opus “Swayed.” To say that they went out with a bang, would be an understatement. Every single band member presents their A-game and leaves everything on the table. In the last remaining minutes the phrase “Have you been swayed?” is belted out in sheer and epic gloriousness.

Have I been swayed? Yes, I have been swayed, I have instantly become of a fan of I:Scintilla. Their music is fresh, exciting, and anything but normal. Their songs are filled with passion and fire, practically begging to be played live. Listening to and discovering bands like this, is the entire reason why I love what I do. Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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