Dead Seconds Unveil “Temple” From Upcoming Sophomore Release

Brooklyn-based heavy rock band Dead Seconds is about to release their sophomore release The Ground on 11/2.  The band recently unveiled the first track off of it with “Temple.”

Dead Seconds consists of Matt C. White (vocals, guitar), Steve Mason (bass), and Jarrod Lebeck (drums). The Brooklyn-based rock trio is rooted in burly blues-rock that blends sludgy riffs and ominous strains of psych- folk. They are heavy enough for fans of arena alt rock, yet their earthy lyrics and free-floating grooves position them as an innovative, narratively astute experience. Newfound popularity has landed Dead Seconds frequent performances at underground music & art events, as they have shared the stage with bands like New Beard, Corrupt Autopilot, & Yazan.

As for their new song “Temple,” White states, “When I wrote “Temple” I was imagining this place I used to go to in the woods when I was a kid. A huge oak tree had fallen over and the hole in the ground where the roots used to be was massive. “Temple” became this sort of metaphor for a kind of ‘happy place’. It’s sort of a scrapbook of nostalgic memories from that time.”

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