Album Review ~ Anthems In Ashes ~ ‘Burn It Down’

The press release for Anthems in Ashes states that fans of In This Moment and Bad Wolves will enjoy this record. Well, I am a huge fan of both bands, and they hit the nail on right on the head.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Anthems in Ashes released their EP, Burn It Down back in 2017 and they have just recently released a video for the single, “Her Fire.” The song begins with a very faint piano and vocalist Harley Olivia crooning ever so calm and whisper like. Well, that doesn’t last long. Once the 1:00 mark hits, Harley and the rest of Anthems In Ashes blindside you with heavy guitars, bass, drums, and that voice! The comparisons to early In This Moment are right on the money, however there is also hints of swagger mixed in with the all-out brutality.

“Stealing Names” opens up with some killer guitar riffing from the dual guitar team of Max Moy and Micheil Gray. Harley (Olivia) sounds amazing here. Great melodic voice bordering more of a straight forward rock vibe.

Bassist, James Douglas and drummer, Rob Barber really bring the power and groove to the track, “Follow You Down.” This one is my pick for all around standout track. Harley really comes into her own vocally on this particular song.

“Ghost I Know” builds slowly with feedback and doesn’t actually kick in until the 1:20 mark when a single bass line emerges from the silence. The song has this eerie and haunting jump swing vibe to it. It feels like a Shirley Manson/Garbage type of vibe, until she lets loose her face melting screams and growls.

Bringing the EP to a close is “Hunger.” This is how you close out a record!  The chorus is absolutely infectious. I was singing it immediately while writing this review. “Hunger” takes quite a few twists and turns from mellow to heavy and back. There is a great instrumental break in the song that lulls you in just before the song completely explodes into its final seconds.

Anthems in Ashes is a band to keep your eye on and if you are any kind of rock fan, Burn It Down should be added to your musical collection immediately. They have what it takes to rise above in the hard rock and metal scene. Vocalist Harley Olivia is a wonderfully talented singer and frontwoman. Her voice is a wonderful mix of soul, swagger, and rock and roll attitude.  Rating: 8/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa



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