Album Review ~ Black Dog Prowl ~ ‘Fine Lousy State’

Hailing from the great state of Washington, D.C. comes a hard rock band with a killer name and an even better sound. The band’s name is Black Dog Prowl and their new EP Fine Lousy State is loaded with sludgy guitars, dark and moody lyrics, and plenty of dirty, raspy vocals.

“The Hill You Die On” is an emotionally charged track with a killer sludgy groove and heavy distorted guitars. Vocalist, Josh Finver’s vocals are delightfully haunting and powerful all at the same time.

The band turns up the heat and brings the heavy to “Fine Lines (Far Cry)” which is the first single from the EP. There is an element of thrash and overall, the track is definitely more aggressive and will appeal to those who like it on the heavier side.

With “Days Go By”, the band takes it down a few notches. Totally stripped down to the bare bones, “Days Go By” reveals a very deep and sincere side to BDP. Hands down this is my favorite song and it belongs on mainstream hard rock radio and in constant rotation.

“Salt the Earth” closes out Fine Lousy State on a heavy note. Sounding more like Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity, the song really captures what Black Dog Prowl is all about.

As a music enthusiast and more importantly, a longtime fan of hard rock and metal music, I can honestly say that Black Dog Prowl are on their way to making some big noise in the music scene. The music and lyrics are heartfelt and the music is as honest it comes. Rating: 8/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa


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