Album Review ~ Melissa VanFleet ~ ‘Ode to the Dark’

Coming off the heels of her acoustic Metal Lullabies album, Philadelphia’s own Melissa VanFleet has released her much anticipated EP, Ode to the Dark. Produced by Lacuna Coil bassist, Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati, Ode to the Dark is an impressive collection of exquisitely written songs.

From the opening track, “Raven”, Melissa’s vocal intensity draws you in like an enchantress and leaves you spellbound. This track is destined to be an instant hit on modern rock airwaves.

Check out a very special piano version of “Raven” below.

“Atrophy” further showcases Melissa’s glorious talents as we see more of a contrast between the heavier instrumentation and the more ethereal aspects of her voice.

“Marionette” really captured my attention with its methodic, yet driving keyboard elements coupled with heavy instrumentation of the guitars and rhythm section. The song is extremely moving both emotionally and physically. I was actually swaying to the song with my imaginary lighter. These days it would be a cell phone flashlight, but I am a little more old school.

Note: As much as I adore the song “Raven”, I really have to go with “Marionette” as my pick for best song on the album.

The EP comes to a close with the near six minute title track, “Ode to the Dark.” What a way to conclude this magnificent release. For nearly the first two minutes, the listener is treated to only faint instruments and the Melissa’s operatic like voice before the song builds and crescendos into an all-out guitar driven extravaganza. Heads will be banging and this song will be the undeniable highlight when performed live.

Melissa VanFleet sure impressed the hell out of me with the release of Ode to the Dark. In the span of four songs, she showcases her boundless talent to write beautiful and hauntingly melodic music. My hope is that her next release is an entire album, because four songs is just not enough.  Rating: 8/10 Stars.


By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason ‘Supes” Mesa

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