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The Faim: John Feldman (Blink-182, All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer) and Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) approved.

The Faim are a new pop-rock/punk group from Perth, Australia, and they’re one of our most exciting developing acts at BMG Records. They’re currently on their first ever U.S. tour (supporting Hands Like Houses/Emarosa/Devour The Day/Arlington in Nov + Dec).

In case you aren’t familiar, the band got their start with renowned producer John Feldmann (blink-182, All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer), who was so impressed with their demos that he invited them out to LA to record their debut album. Since then, they’ve teamed up with Pete Wentz, Mark Hoppus, Josh Dun, and Ashton Irwin, released their first EP, played Slam Dunk and Reading & Leeds, and toured globally with PVRIS, Against The Current, Sleeping With Sirens, Lower Than Atlantis, The Dangerous Summer, and PVMNTS. Since their launch in February, they’ve also clocked over eight million total global streams and landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Rock This, and New Noise playlists.

Touring can be crazy and when it’s a five band caravan full of shenanigans, it’s non-stop caos. Somehow, we were able to corner Stephen Beerkens (bass/keyboard) before a show long enough to answer a few questions for us!

Every villain or superhero has an origin and a band no different…minus the radioactive spiders and government experiments. What’s the origin of The Faim?

Stephen Beerkens/The Faim: Josh and I were in the same music class in high school when we started performing together. Since then we started writing songs together with our other bandmates and got noticed by producer John Feldmann. We then flew over to LA to write and record more music, which has resulted in the EP that is now out for the world to hear.

Can we talk about the name change from Small Town Heroes to The Faim? Why did it happen and how did you choose the new name?

The name change was taking the next step in the progression of the band. Since being Small Town Heroes, our sound has changed quite dramatically and our music has become a lot more diverse. ‘The Faim’ represents this change.

You wowed John Feldmann to the point that he invited you out to LA to record your debut album. How amazing was that experience? What did that experience teach you about yourselves that you didn’t know going into it?

It was absolutely incredible! Not only did it allow us to learn about the process of recording music in a world class studio, it also taught us something new about songwriting every single day. We started to tap into different parts of ourselves when drawing inspiration for our music, and also experimented with new sounds to find something that was unique to us.

You’ve also written with (just to name a few) Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182. Do you have to step back and pinch yourselves sometimes to make sure you’re not dreaming about some of these opportunities?

Most definitely! It’s a huge privilege to be able to work with such credible artists. The best thing about it though is realizing that they’re just people that love music as much as we do. Everyone is there for the reason of writing an amazing song, so the teamwork and passion that goes into every moment of the session is a truly special thing.

 You’re currently on your first U.S. tour. Can you give us a little insight on how the tour how been going and the crowds’ reactions?

Our first ever US tour has been amazing so far! The crowds have been making us feel right at home in the way that they really embrace our music and our performance. What has also made this tour so great are the people on it. Being able to get along so well with every band makes life on the road so much easier, especially when it’s a massive five band bill!

Have you had much time to actually check out any U.S. staples while you’ve been here, like fast food joints, Starbucks, etc.?

We haven’t been able to do much sight-seeing while on tour, but we can definitely say that Starbucks is our home away from home! Coffee is basically currency here on tour.

You guys head back home and begin a headline tour of the UK/EU in January.

It felt so great to finally announce our first ever headline tour! We’re extremely humbled to see so many people getting their tickets to the shows, and also being able to sell out and upgrade so many venues around the world!

A couple of fun questions: If music was over today and you went into professional wrestling, what would your wrestling name be? Bonus points if you know the name of your finishing move as well.

My wrestling name would be Chief Cobbah and my finishing move would be stickittodamaniosis!

Strangest thing autographed…so far?

Somebody’s homework!

If you could pick anyone to voice the thoughts in your head that you have on a daily basis (like your own personal narrator that nobody else can hear) who would it be?

Samuel L. Jackson for sure!

By I’m Music Magazine Owner/Editor Johnny Price

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