Album Review ~ Evil Engine ~ ‘#2’

Hailing from the Windy City is the punk rock quartet Evil Engine. They have just released their sophomore EP, aptly titled, #2 via No Affiliation Records.

The album cover depicts a globe engulfed in flames and dunked inside your average bathroom toilet. I’m not a political expert by any means, but I think that is a pretty strong message regarding the state of current affairs.

I’ve been a fan of Evil Engine since they released their debut EP, Nullius In Verba, which in my opinion has one of the best album cover stories ever. It is not because of the actual image, but the reveal of how they obtained the cover photo. Do some research, check it out, and also take a listen to that EP as well.

Moving on to my review:

#2 accomplishes what every great sophomore album should do. That is to be better than the first release. Evil Engine truly came out swinging harder than a diabolical camp leader. J

“Upstanding Citizen” kicks you right in the teeth with that driving guitar and punishing rhythm section. Vocalist and frontwoman Kryssie Crisis spits pure venom when sings those verses and drives it home in the chorus when she cries, “Upstanding Citizen, Upstanding Citizen, Upstanding Citizen, STAND UP!”

“Degeneration” is just 100% pure punk aggression and thrash like speed. Guitarist Jaime Booth is the highlight with his chugging riffs and lighting fast leads and solos.

“Sink & Drown” is introduced with a small audio clip from the cinematic masterpiece, “Terminator II” before combusting at the seams with huge chugging riffs. As heavy as this track is, it is also very catchy and melodic. This is easily my choice for personal favorite track and best song on the #2.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, the octane fueled “Get the Gun” has one of the best choruses that will have you pumping your fists and singing at the top of your lungs.

“Prisoner of War” brings this EP to a grand closure with this thrash influenced track. I’m really loving the trade-offs between Kryssie’s powerful pipes and the gang style vocals from bassist Mike Skull and guitarist Jaime Booth.

With the release of #2, Evil Engine continues to blur the lines between skate punk, garage rock, and metal. It is quite obvious that this band has something to say and they’re going to make their voices heard. It is not only the music and lyrics that are noticeably heavier, it is also the statement made with the bold choice for album art. Rating: 9/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer For I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa









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