Atreyu/Memphis May Fire/Ice Nine Kills/Sleep Signals ~ Majestic Theatre ~ November 30th, 2018 ~ Detroit, Michigan

Entering the venue of the Majestic Repertory Theatre in Detroit on November 30th, 2018 to see the “In Our Wake Tour,” I knew the concert was going to be one to remember.  With a line up like Atreyu, Memphis May Fire, Ice Nine Kills and Sleep Signals, it was bound to be memorable.

Headliner Atreyu from Orange County, California has been knocking out hits for the last 20 years and they still took the stage as if it was the first eager run they had played live. Vocalist Alex Varkatzas bounced around the stage chiseled in his red plaid pants and tight black t-shirt playing up to fans as they sang back to all the hits. Taking the stage with him were guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Marc “Porter” McKnight (who all to my excitement did a small duel on deck of the stage during the third song) and drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller.

Atreyu covered hits ranging from their seven albums including hits based around the tour run for the new CD In Our Wake (2018).  The setlist: In Our Wake, ,Becoming the Bull, Right Side of the Bed, Anger Left Behind, Ex’s and Oh’s, The Crimson, Do You Know Who You Are?, The Remembrance Ballad, Bleeding Mascara w/ Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills, The Time Is Now, When Two Are One, Falling Down, House Of Gold, Blow, Encore: Never Gonna Give You Up,  You Give Love a Bad Name, Lip Gloss and Black with Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire.

This was my second time seeing Memphis May Fire.  The first was at Warped Tour and now on a smaller stage with larger presence pushed complete excitement through my body, seeing them use the stage to the fullest.

Although I consider Memphis May Fire an American metalcore band they are currently sitting on top of the Alternative Album Charts with Unconditional.  The band currently consists of vocalist Matty Mullins who commands a stage getting right into your face, lead guitarist Kellen McGregor with his chiseled jawline, bass guitarist Cory Elder with his amazing rock beard, Anthony Sepe and his amazing beard rocking out on the rhythm guitar and drummer Jake Garland.

I was bummed not to hear the recently released “Virus” song played live, however they did play the most recent release of “The Old Me” which was released in September. The setlist was full of great hits including: Sever the Ties, Prove Me Right, Carry On, The Old Me, Stay The Course (My Favorite of theirs), The Deceived, No Ordinary Love, The Sinner, and Vices.

Ice Nine Kills has to be one of my favorite theatricore bands to watch live just solely because of the performance and characters that the band takes on while on stage.  It’s like watching Halloween metal and I love it.  You honestly don’t want to blink because you know that you will miss the message they are trying to deliver during the show.

The band in whole deserves an ovation as they all take on roles to convince the audience.  Vocalist Spencer Charnas changes his roles during the set from Freddie to Michael He ran on and off stage slamming into fans that screamed and yelled interacting with him, even stepping out into the crowd trying to walk across risen hands. It’s purely a site to see.  Justin DeBlieck on lead guitar tucked quietly to the left side of the stage pretty much in a small area wearing a Jason Mask. Justin Morrow on bass wore painted makeup from the movie Saw on his face and purely pulled the roll of creepy vibe as he stared into his fans. Ricky Armellino on rhythm guitar could have used a little make-up to pull off the creepy clown of IT but more than brought it with the skills on guitar.  The balloon tied to the microphone stand however was a nice touch. Patrick Galante, dressed as a murder victim, played drums giving a haunting death look after finishing the third song of the set which was his shining moment.

On June 20 2018, Ice Nine Kills released The American Nightmare and I was so excited to see them open the set with this song, it just set the tone right off the bat.  The rest of the set just continued the sinister vibe with remaining songs: Stabbing In The Dark, Thank God It’s Friday, Me, Myself & Hyde, Communion of the Cursed, Merry Axe-Mas, A Grave Mistake, It Is The End.

Sleep Signals, a Minneapolis hard rock band, was the opener for the night.  Normally openers to me are bands that I can take or leave.  I am happy to say that Sleep Signals earned a place on the take list.  They clearly did their job and woke up the crowd and had them jumping. Their performance was explosive and blended well with the bands after.  Though I was not familiar with their songs I did find them to have catchy hooks and high-energy.

After the concert I bumped into Shawn, the bass guitarist from Sleep Signals, who told me that they recently released an EP in 2018 At the End of the World of which they played on stage for their set.  Shawn was very excited to be on tour with “these Legends” as he put it, and asked us to mention “A special thanks to the fans and their continued support.”

Our own Michalle Henderson (Michalle Henderson Photography) captured these awesome shots and provided the review for us.

Check out our shots from Atreyu’s performance in Detroit, Michigan at the Majestic Repertory Theatre on November 30th, 2018 ! Click on each image for a larger view!

Check out our shots from Memphis May Fire’s performance in Detroit, Michigan at the Majestic Repertory Theatre on November 30th, 2018 ! Click on each image for a larger view!

Check out our shots from Ice Nine Kills’ performance in Detroit, Michigan at the Majestic Repertory Theatre on November 30th, 2018 ! Click on each image for a larger view!

Check out our shots from Sleep Signals’ performance in Detroit, Michigan at the Majestic Repertory Theatre on November 30th, 2018! Click on each image for a larger view!

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