Lesley Barth Searches For Answers In Mysterious, Magical “Pinwheels” Video

Lesley Barth finds herself slightly unmoored, trying to piece together the puzzle of the past and what it might mean for the future in the video for her new single, “Pinwheels.”

In what at first blush feels like a short experimental film, we follow Barth through a dream sequence where she finds herself alone, confused, and curious. The visuals track fluidly to the song’s sonic palette as she tries to make sense of the dream-world around her: waves echo the push and pull of the old-fashioned harmonium; a sparkling crystal ball mimics the shimmering piano arpeggios; shifting silhouettes highlight the layered harmonies of the bridge.

Finally, in the powerful yet vulnerable final chorus, Lesley appears with a small prism, echoing the pure beam that is her solo voice, which slowly refracts again into myriad pictures and stratified layers of vocal harmony. Only in these final shots does she look directly at the camera, strong and unfazed, all traces of confusion gone.

Barth speaks to her personal experience, and how a crossroads in her own life unwittingly informed the making of the video: “I quit my job this year – I thought that was the answer to a lot of questions I had. And it was – but now I have even more questions…I feel like the meaning of the song is even clearer to me now that I’ve made this video. I used to say Pinwheels is about people coming together, but I think it’s also, perhaps more accurately, about how we make sense of our past experiences and relationships to chart a path forward.”

The magical video for “Pinwheels” reflects the uncertainty of life, and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come from this gifted songwriter as she rebuilds her life and navigates a world of many questions without simple answers.


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