Staff Picks: Best Albums of 2018

Jason “Supes” Mesa has proven to be a reviewing machine here at I’m Music Magazine. With that being said, he was given a little extra freedom with his Best Albums of 2018. We present to you “Supes’ Sexy & 17 of 2018”:

Bad WolvesDisobey

Sunflower Dead COMA
Tennessee WerewolvesAmerican Dream
Evil Engine#2
Hyro The HeroFlagged Channel

Wilson Tasty Nasty
Metalachi Tres
Pigweed Pigweed
Falling Through AprilZodiac

Matthew CarrollLeft To Burn
Images of EdenSoulrise
Otherwise From The Roots, Vol. II
Code Red RiotMask

LA Guns Made In Milan
BulletboysFrom Out Of The Skies
Them Evils Rolling Stoned & Living Free

By Contributing Writer Jason “Supes” Mesa 

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