Album Review ~ Browsing Collection ~ ‘Don’t Want To Dance’

Don’t Want to Dance is the debut EP from the Swedish rockers Browsing Collection. The album title is perfect because while they may not want to dance, they clearly want to rock!

The band gets things off to an amazing start with its infectious opening track, “One Time A Year.” Taking inspiration from the film, “The Purge”, the band builds the song around the plot of the movie in which it is legal to commit any crime.  Quoting their press release, We felt this was an interesting theme that we wanted to build on and based our song on and address class and social issues.

“Something To Hold On To” opens up with a monster riff from guitarist Moa Lenngren before exploding into an all-out aural assault. This track has a killer raw vibe that despite the album’s title, really makes you want to dance. Vocalist, Mimi Brander is a powerhouse on the mic, showcasing her incredible pipes.

“Hi, but No” is by far my favorite track on the album. It is all around the heaviest track on the album. The rhythm section is precision tight and guitar leads and solos are pure fire. I had this track on repeat a few times before moving on to the rest of the album. J

“Oh Sweet Sire” starts off with a very swampy blues intro that segues into a dark and groove laden extravaganza. Mimi (Brander) just lets go and unleashes that incredible voice. I felt every single rage filled note deep within my soul.

“Thank God It’s Friday” is destined to be a welcome addition to your weekend soundtrack. The song is extremely catchy with its gang style vocals shouting “TGIF!”  Drummer, Carro Karlsson brings the thunder and makes you want to pump your fists as you rock out to this.

“The Story That Never Ends” brings the album to……well the end. It is quite bittersweet because I didn’t want the album to end.  Just like every other song on the album, the energy is off the charts and you cannot help but to feel free and just sing along.

Every so often, an album or band comes along and takes you by surprise. Browsing Collection have certainly done that with the release of Don’t Want to Dance. This is definitely one of those rare albums that are all killer and no filler. This band here has a very bright future ahead of them, if they keep cranking out material I like this. Do yourself a favor and go grab a copy. I can safely say that it will make you want to rock, and maybe even dance a little.  Rating: 8.5/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes’ Mesa

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