Album Review ~ Johnny Gioeli ~ ‘One Voice’

On December 7th, melodic rock vocalist, Johnny Gioeli released his latest solo album, One Voice to the masses. Christmas may be over, but this album is still a gift to melodic rock fans around the world.

The album kicks off with the driving (pun intended) track, “Drive.” Right from the start, the energy levels are cranked up high and Johnny’s voice sounds phenomenal. Once the chorus hits, forget it, you will be singing it long after you’ve heard it.

The title track, “One Voice” is hands down, the MVP of this entire album. The chorus alone is worth the price of the album. Johnny’s voice is so incredibly soulful and his lyrics are positive and uplifting. In the song he cries, “We are one voice together, we are one world that matters.” Such a powerful message delivered.

Other tracks worth mentioning are the guitar heavy rockers, “Let Me Know” and “Hit Me Once, Hit Ya Twice.” The latter is quite arguably the heaviest track of the bunch and “Let Me Know” has a super infectious chorus that you will be singing instantly.

“Deeper” is an incredible mid-tempo love song that celebrates the amazing feeling of falling in love with someone. Guitarist Eric Gadrix really shines all throughout this track. The opening riff is fantastic and his leads and solos are flawless.

“Price We Pay” is a million dollar home run of a song. This is a melodic rock power ballad for the ages. If this song does not get played in regular rotation, it will be a complete travesty. Johnny is in his element when it comes to ballads. His voice soars high above into the heavens and while I maintain that the title track, “One Voice” is still my favorite track, this one is an extremely close second.

The powerful and compelling “Oh Fathers” brings the album to a graceful close. Another well written ballad with a bit of darker tone that feels like a prayer set to an incredible soundtrack.

It seems that anything that Johnny Gioeli touches turns to gold. Earlier in the year, he teamed with Deen Castronovo to release the monster, Set The World On Fire, and as 2018 was coming to a close, fans were treated to his new solo album. The songwriting and musicianship are second to none. Every one of the 11 songs are stellar in their own way! Rating: 9/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa 

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