Album Review ~ Kane Roberts ~ ‘The New Normal’

Kane Roberts released his fourth solo album, The New Normal, on Friday (1/25) via Frontiers Records SRL. For those of you who may not know who Kane is, he played guitar for Alice Cooper for a number of years and was known as the “Rambo of Rock” because he was a body builder and his guitar was made to look like a machine gun.

Fast forward to 2019 and Kane still has the muscles and he still writes incredibly catchy and hard rockin’ material. The New Normal is packed with ten solid pieces of music and features quite the ensemble of guest musicians.

Opening up the album is “King of the World.” This is a fantastic mid–tempo track that tells the world a story of rebuilding and taking back your crown, or taking back your life and walking tall. Guitar virtuoso, Nita Strauss clocks in a blistering solo on the track, and we are off to an amazing start.

“Beginning of the End” is a killer track with some extremely heavyweight appearances from Baby Metal drummer, Aoyama Hideki. Arch Enemy vocalist, Alissa White-Gluz, and the one and only, Alice Cooper.  This is truly the highlight of the album. Alice and Alissa both deliver incredible vocal performances alongside Kane, and Aoyama brings the thunder with those exceptional drumming skills.

“Who We Are” is a dark and soulful number that slows the tempo of the album just slightly. Although Kane is an exceptional guitarist, it is in this song that his vocals truly shine. His vocals have a lot of the same qualities that Richie Sambora possesses.

“Forever out of Place” is an exceptionally catchy track with a huge sing along chorus. This could easily be played on mainstream rock stations across the country.  

“The Lion’s Share” is an absolutely gorgeous track that begins with Kane’s voice acapella before being accompanied by gorgeous piano. Watch out for the 2:25 mark for when Kane lets his guitar do the talking. This one is going to be a showstopper when performed live in concert.

“Above and Beyond” has the distinct pleasure of featuring former bandmates, Kip Winger, Paul Taylor, and Ken Mary. This was the same lineup that was on the Alice Cooper Constrictor tour. Just a solid rock song with a soaring chorus and definitely one of the reasons you should be purchasing this album.

The album closes with the track, “Wrong” ends the album on a heavy note. “Wrong” boasts a heavy and sludgy type groove. Even the vocals and lyrics take a bit of a darker turn, and I really dig it. Just the perfect song to close out The New Normal.

As the album title suggests, this is the new normal. This is not the Kane Roberts from years past. He has evolved into an exceptional songwriter in addition to keeping his guitar chops razor sharp. If you are a fan of Kane Roberts, or perhaps any of the aforementioned guest artists, then do yourself a favor and check out The New Normal.  Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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