Album Review ~ Quiet Riot ~ ‘One Night in Milan’

There must be something very magical about performing in the city of Milan. Both L.A. Guns and Steelheart released killer live albums recorded in Milan, and now Quiet Riot just dropped their latest release, One Night in Milan.

The current lineup of Quiet Riot is Chuck Wright (bass), Alex Grossi (guitar),  James Durbin (vocals) and longtime member, Frankie Banali (drums)

Right out of the gate, the band launches into “Run for Cover” from the Metal Health album with Durbin, pleading with the Milan crowd to “Scream for Me!” The band gets off to an amazing and rocking start. Alex Grossi lights it up with his blazing guitar leads and solos. James Durbin is fantastic on vocals and getting the crowd fired up.

The fans in attendance are then treated to a double dose of classic QR with “Slick Black Cadillac” and their cover of the Slade classic, “Mama Weer All Crazee Now.” The latter opens with a formal introduction of Frankie Banali to the crowd.

Next up is “Whatever it Takes” from the Down to the Bone album and one of my all-time favorite Quiet Riot songs, “Terrified” from the album of the same name. James (Durbin) faithfully channels the magic of the late Kevin Dubrow (original QR vocalist) while still making the tracks his own. There are a couple of moments in the show where he eerily sounds just like Kevin (Dubrow)

Slowing this down a bit, the band launches into the power ballad “Love’s a Bitch” and the very touching “Thunderbird” which ends with Durbin saying, “We love you Randy, we love you, Kevin, miss you both.”

Wasting no time in cranking things back up, QR gets things back up to speed with “Party All Night” from Condition Critical before seguing into a one-two punch of tracks from their latest release, Road Rage. “Freak Flag” and “Can’t Get Enough” fit right in perfectly with the set list. They both have that big, bombastic signature Quiet Riot sound.

Representing the QR III album is the mega hit, “Wild & the Young”, which is also a personal favorite. Durbin gets the crowd singing along during the chorus and there is a cool instrumental break about ¾ of the way in before the band brings the song to an epic close.

Quiet Riot closes out the night with their two biggest hits to date from the Metal Health album. First up is “Cum On Feel The Noize” and then bringing the crowd to their knees with “Bang Your Head (Metal Health).”

The year is 2019 and over 40 years after it began, the music of Quiet Riot is still alive and well. James Durbin is a solid rock vocalist in his own right and was the perfect choice to bring in and further continue the QR legacy. One Night In Milan is as solid as they come, in my opinion. There was not one filler track in the bunch. Kudos to Franke Banali for continuing to breathe life into Quiet Riot all these years. Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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