Album Review ~ The Heard ‘The Island’

It has been said that when one door closes, that another one opens. Well, in the case of The Heard, that door has been kicked wide open, and they’re going to stomp their way through. The Heard is brand new group featuring members of the defunct, Crucified Barbara, as well as a couple of brand new members added to the fold.

”The Island” is a dream project! Me, Ida and Nicki have been playing music together since our teenage years. Our thoughts about exploring the song-writing has been growing for a while. It was incredible to meet Skinny and Pepper who immediately understood our vision. The Heard is very different musically compared to our previous work, and it’s been very exciting to write a concept album. It’s also been a pleasant escape from reality while making this album. We love our intriguing, supernatural island-world and hope our listeners will enjoy it as much as we do”

Indeed, this is a completely different sounding record than anything from their previous bands. The Heard can best be described as doom metal, if you really had to put a tag on it. Kiara Force’s riffs are extremely heavy and sludgy and Pepper Potemkin’s vocals are dreamy, ethereal, and dare I say, mystical.

The Island opens with the title track, “The Island.” Definitely a great way to open up the album with its dark and heavy grooves. Vocalist, Pepper (Potemkin) has an incredibly powerful voice that reminds me of the late, great Jill Janus from Huntress. (RIP)

“Tower of Silence” the first single from The Island is heavy and heavy on the groove. The rhythm section of Ida Evileye (bass) and Nicki Wikkid (drums) are the highlight of this track. They lay down a solid foundation and Nicki is a beast on the drums. I can only imagine how awesome this sounds live in concert.

Check out the video for “Tower of Silence” on You Tube, by clicking below.

“Sirens” switches gears completely with its gorgeous acoustic guitar intro provided by guitarists, Skinny Disco and Kiara Force.  Pepper’s voice is lush and enchanting, sending the listener to an almost hypnotic state through the entire track.

“Queen Scarlet” brings to mind shades of Drain STH with its heavy guitars and haunting vocals.

If you’re looking for more of the heavier material, I suggest “Revenge Song” and “It.” The latter has some of the best guitar work on the album.

Closing out the album, is the aptly titled, “Leaving the Island.” Everything great about this band is represented in this song. It’s ethereal in the beginning stages, but then the song picks up steam and finishes strong with Pepper singing, “I’m leaving you now!” Very chilling to say the least.

The Island is a stellar and impressive album. Every musician in the band is extremely talented on their own accord, however when they joined forces to form The Heard, they created something truly very special. If you are a fan of dark and heavy music that grooves, I strongly urge that you grab a copy of this album. It will be a welcome addition to your collection.  Rating: 8/10 Stars.

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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