Album Review ~ Within Temptation ~ ‘Resist’

After taking a much needed break, Within Temptation returns with a vengeance with their 7th studio album, Resist. Being a band who loves to experiment and progress, Resist includes a darker variety on modern music, without completely straying from the symphonic metal genre they’re known for. I would not be surprised if everyone, from the casual listener to the diehard fan, found a song they could call their own.

The opening track, “The Reckoning” (with guest vocals Jacoby Shaddix, Papa Roach) sets the tone of the album, as both Sharon and Jacoby sing out with a sense of urgency. The fanfare running into a thunderous guitars and synths complement their melodies, giving you a taste of what’s yet to come. Continuing the message is “Endless War.” A slower, yet heavier anthem conveying an aura of almost hopelessness, this one will sure to be catch your ears.

“Raise Your Banner” will be a welcoming anthem for anyone who listens to it. The layered vocals in the chorus combined with Ander’s scream of “Blood For Freedom!” sends chills through the body. Both inspirational and a fighter song, this song will give you strength and empowerment for any situation in life.

We catch our breath on the next track, “Supernova.” While it relents slightly on the rock elements, the incorporation of pop elements doesn’t deter from the dark overtones heard throughout the album. The vocals are set perfectly, from the repeated “Supernova” to the chanting to Sharon’s own parts. “Holy Ground” picks up right after “Supernova” with the modern music influences mixed in with the rock themes carrying the songs. This is probably the most surprising track of the album, with the diverse sound and choppy rhythm.

“In Vain” throws in a celestial tune with a nod to Within Temptation’s entire discography. The lyrics are reminiscent of earlier songs (“It’s The Fear,” “Dark Wings”) while the music encompasses both intensity and catchiness throughout. “Firelight” (ft Jasper Steverlink) is a mellow duet with cutting words; Jasper croons his soul out with Sharon in a song that will tug at your heartstrings. Originally slated for My Indigo (Sharon’s solo project released in 2017), it finds a more harmonious home on Resist.

Kicking off with guitars, and the upbeat rhythm, “Mad World” reminds me of “Covered By Roses” (Hydra album.) The lyrical themes are similar, this is quite the appreciated addition to an otherwise brooding album. Next up, a somber reflection (pardon the pun) of regrets, “Mercy Mirror” is the emotional track that worms its way into both your mind and heart.

The finale, “Trophy Hunter,” is an instant headbanger; Sharon vocalizes in almost an accusatory tone along a rock melody sure to appease both older and newer fans alike. The choirs in the end finish the album up in a chilling, satisfying note.

All in all, the layout and overall essence of Resist is impressive. I’ve been a fan since 2003, and the evolution and progress of Within Temptation has never failed to rouse my attention. You won’t be able to resist this album once it’s out!

Resist is slated for release February 1st, 2019. You can get all of the band’s touring info and dates HERE.

By I’m Music Magazine Contributing Writer Bridget Taylor

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