Album Review ~ Rosy Vista ~ ‘Unbelievable’

Formed in 1984, Rosy Vista is Germany’s first hard rock band to have all female members. They were together for five years. In those five years, they released an EP and toured with various well known bands and musicians, including Uriah Heep, Joe Cocker, and Motley Crue.  Fast forward to the current year 2019 and Rosy Vista is BACK! They will be releasing their first full length album, Unbelievable to the masses on February 8th through the Steamhammer/SPV label.

“Crazy” opens up the album and immediately grabs you with it’s undeniable hooks and sing-along chorus. The track is a full throttle, high energy rocker with fiery leads from Anca Graterol (guitar) and big time groove from the solid rhythm section of Angela Mann (bass) and Marina Hlubek (drums).

“Sadistic Lover” is a gorgeous tune that showcases the unbelievable (pun intended) pipes of Andrea Schwarz (vocals) Overall the song is a slow burner. The groove is dark and heavy and makes “Sadistic Lover” one of the standout tracks on the album.

“Master of Control” brings things back up to speed in a big way. There is an almost Iron Maiden feel to the song. Fists will definitely be in the air when this one is performed live in concert. Kudos to Anca (Graterol) on the amazing guitar solo and leads throughout.

“Until I’m Satisfied” oozes sensuality and you can’t fault them for that when you have that slinky and dirty groove as the foundation of the song. Also, lyrics like, “Squeeze Me, tease me, and make me rock until I’m satisfied!”

“Hopatina” is a complete curveball to the rest of the material on Unbelievable. The track is really high energy and the chorus is going to be a fun one to try and learn the words to.

There really is something for every kind of rock fan here on this album. Other songs to make mention of are the high octane, “Rockin’ through the Night” and the moody “Changing My Mind.”

The band decides to close out the album with a cover of the Steppenwolf classic, “Born To Be Wild.” A very faithful cover that stays true to the original spirit of the song. It is the perfect choice to end this album on a high note.

Though I was not made aware of Rosy Vista when they first came on the scene, I am glad that I  now have a chance to experience their music and infectious energy. Unbelievable, is just that. It is an unbelievable collection of well-crafted rock songs written by four women who refused to give up on their rock and roll dreams. I don’t know about you, but that is something to truly admire.

Do yourself a favor and go find this album in your local record store or online digital music retailer. This is a solid hard rock album that needs to be played loud and often. Rating: 8/10 Stars

By Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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