Album Review ~ 9Electric ~ ‘Megalith’

9Electric just released one of 2019’s most anticipated releases when they dropped Megalith today (3/29/2019). Veterans of the local scene in Los Angeles, 9Electric have built quite the following through sold-out live shows and an impressive catalog of music. Their 2016 release, The Damaged Ones was extremely well received and is still a staple in this reviewer’s personal music collection.

Fast forward to 2019. 9Electric have made a couple of personnel changes, signed to a new label in Pavement Records, and they are ready to unleash Megalith to music loving masses. Since the release of The Damaged Ones, 9Electric have recruited new bassist, Ginny Eck and most recently, new drummer, Caleb Hill to the fold. They have re-vamped their sound by putting the focus on the riffs, the melodies, and vocalist Ron Underwood’s larger than life voice.

Guitarist Mikey Lopez explains, “We stripped our sound down and got back to basics, writing songs that stood out on their own and weren’t dependent on programming and production.” Lopez continues, “We had a reputation for being an ‘electronic’ band, and that really never sat well with Ron and I. We were always more about Guns N’ Roses and Rage Against The Machine.”

Megalith opens up big with the heavy and up-tempo, “No Evil.” The riffs are monster, the leads are hypnotic, and as mentioned previously, vocalist Ron Underwood is larger than life. His voices was tailor made for rock and roll. Both Ginny (bass) and Caleb (drums) lock in the solid bottom end. What an excellent way to start off the album.

The band follows up with infectious, “God & Man.” Really loving the chorus on this one, as it is instantly in your head after the first listen. Mikey (Lopez) really shows off his virtuosity on the guitar as he easily transitions from bombastic riffs to slinky passages.

“The Light” is the first official single and video from Megalith. It was released previously in order to generate a buzz, and it certainly has done that. This song represents everything great about 9Electric and also features a guest vocal appearance from Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies. Carla’s deep, rich voice pairs well with Ron’s abrasive and gritty pipes and makes this song stand above the rest.

Megalith takes an unexpected turn and shows 9E going acoustic on the track, “Disposable Love.” The song isn’t completely unplugged. Mikey (Lopez) has some well-placed leads and fills on the electric guitar. Ron (Underwood) sounds absolutely fantastic and we, as music fans, are treated to something very special.

If you are looking to hear the heavier side of 9Electric, I recommend “Diabolical” and “Dark Matter.” “Diabolical” is a straight up blazer of a song with Ron (Underwood) pushing his vocals skills to the limit and “Dark Matter” has an undeniably sludge like groove reminiscent of Alice in Chains.

“Nothing 2 Lose” is an inspirational anthem that anyone can relate to. The lyrics are powerful and extremely relatable, as we all at one point in our lives, have had our backs against the wall. The vocal delivery is exceptional as Ron (Underwood) transitions smoothly from an almost spoken word rap to his signature aggression fueled rage.

The album comes to a close with the high octane rocker, “Outta Control.” Not only is the song a fitting conclusion to Megalith, it is the perfect song to sum up what 9Electric is all about. Driving rhythm, solid groove, heavy riffs, and a chorus that you will singing instantly. This is the kind of song that you just want to crank up and lose yourself in.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your new favorite band. This is 9Electric from the City of Angels. They just dropped their new album Megalith today and I don’t think I can recommend this album enough. Every song will move you, get you moving and have you singing along instantly. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy from your favorite music retailer. Rating: 10/10 Stars.




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