Album Review ~ Another Day Dawns ~ ‘A Different Life’

Hard rockers, Another Day Dawns have independently released their debut album, A Different Life to the masses. Hailing from Lehighton, PA, this four piece have opened for such national acts as Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Buckcherry, and the legend himself, Sammy Hagar. They even served as the opening act for former Hinder vocalist, John Austin Winkler on his solo tour in 2017.

Fast forward to 2019, and Another Day Dawns is ready to take on the world, and they are heavily armed with one rock solid album in A Different Life.  The band makes their presence felt with the opening track, “Rage.” Huge opening riffs, solid rhythm section, and the chorus will have you raising your fists and shouting it out loud in defiance.

“Psycho” is another great tune with tons of groove and even more attitude.  Vocalist, Dakota Sean really makes you feel the lyrics, as if he is singing directly to you. Dakota has a killer voice that was made for rock and roll. He sounds like a hybrid of Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd and Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe.  

“Empty” slows the tempo of the album down slightly. The song is more on the moody and melodic side and showcases a much different side to the band. The song finishes beautifully with “Empty Outro”, which is a hauntingly beautiful minute of sparse piano leading the song to its conclusion.

“All of Me” is about as close to a ballad as you’re going to get from ADD. The track opens with a laid back, almost atmospheric vibe and maintains that tempo through most of the song. Guitarist, Tyler Ritter really shines on this track and he compliments that gritty voice of Dakota (Sean) very well.

The album comes to a close with the heavy rocker, “Broken.” “Broken” feels as if it was written as an anthem for those of us who are, well, broken. It is a song that is completely relatable as the lyrics read, “We are the broken, here with heavy hearts.” This is my personal pick for best song on the album and it should really be played on mainstream hard rock stations immediately.

On their first outing, Another Day Dawns have swung for the fences and nailed it. A Different Life is a straight up and honest rock album that delivers the goods. I see big things for the future of this band.  For anyone who loves hard rock music and/or any of the bands that ADD has toured with, I highly suggest grabbing a copy of this album from your favorite music retailer and go see them when they come to your area.  Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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