Album Review ~ L.A. Guns ~ ‘The Devil You Know’

L.A. Guns will be releasing their brand new studio album, The Devil You Know, on March 29th through the Frontiers Music SRL Label. This will be their second studio effort with Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns back together since The Missing Peace.

Kicking this off on TDYK is the raw, punk flavored, “Rage.” The band is firing on all cylinders and running smooth like a well-oiled machine. Tracii proves why he has been one of the best rock guitarists of the past 30 years with his heavy riffs and lightning fluid solos. Phil sounds just as amazing as he did on their self-titled debut, L.A. Guns.

“Stay Away” is definitely one of the stand out tracks for me. It has that classic Lewis/Guns sound that L.A. Guns fans have come to know and love. The overall sound and vibe feels like a hybrid of their debut and the sophomore, Cocked and Loaded. I was singing the chorus during my first listen. The track is that good.

The title track, “The Devil You Know” and “Going High” are noticeably heavier. Both tracks have more of a modern rock vibe and unmistakable groove. 

“Needle to the Bone” is more of a straight ahead and high energy in the vein of “Rip and Tear.” Phil’s voice has never sounded better and the background vocals really make this song shine.

“Another Season in Hell” is the only track that resembles a ballad, It is quite possibly the best track on the album. The guitar intro is gorgeous and played with so much feeling that it hits your right in your core. Phil’s vocals are incredibly haunting and bring back shades of the Hollywood Vampires track, “Crystal Eyes”, which is quite arguably one of the best songs they have ever written.

If you are lucky enough to pick up the bonus track version, you are in for a real treat. The bonus track, “Boom” is everything that L.A. Guns fans have come to know and love. It has that sleazy and dirty groove, those powerful gang vocals and that Tracii Guns guitar stamp all over it. The solo in particular is mind blowing.

L.A. Guns are back, ladies and gentlemen. The Devil You Know showcases the band’s stellar musicianship and solid songwriting skills. Whether you love the “classic” L.A. Guns sound, the heavier and edgy grind, or the more melodic side of the band, there is something for everyone on TDYK. On March 29th, make sure to visit your favorite music retailer and grab a copy of this incredible album. Rating: 8/10 Stars!

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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