She Made Me Do It (Adam Ant Guitarist Will Crewdson & Vocalist Shaheena Dax) Releases Official Music Video for “Bones”

Electronic Rock Duo SHE MADE ME DO IT has released the official music video for their single, “Bones,” taken from their recently released EP, Drenched.

“’Bones’ is a song about intense sexual attraction, obsession and delusion. I imagined a dark story set at 4am on a foggy London night outside a creepy dive bar.” – Shaheena Dax (Vocals and Bass)

Track List
1. Bones 
2. Broken Morning 
3. Ashes 
4. Time

Download / Stream Drenched Online


Click HERE to order a physical copy of Drenched

She Made Me Do It are a London two-piece Electronic Rock band made up of Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) on Vocals and Bass with Will Crewdson(Rachel Stamp/Scant Regard/Adam Ant/Bow Wow Wow/Flesh For Lulu/Johnette Napolitano/The Selecter) on Guitars.


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