Album Review ~ Gabriel and the Apocalypse ~ ‘Alpha Bionic’

On April 12, 2019, Minneapolis born Gabriel and the Apocalypse will be releasing their latest album, Alpha Bionic (Pavement) to the music loving masses. The brainchild of vocalist Lindy Gabriel, Gabriel and the Apocalypse blend industrial elements with ferocious and driving hard rock music to create something that is both unique and thrilling to listen to.

Vocalist Lindy Gabriel says, “Alpha Bionic is a confident and consistent album comprising of a more upbeat synth infused collection of songs. Lyrically, the album is based on my ideas of what humanity may look like in the next 30-50 years. Humans turning into machines, blending DNA and technology.”

The first track and single, “Systematic Chaos” kicks things off in a big way with thundering drums and driving guitars. Vocalist, Lindy Gabriel entices the listener with the hypnotizing mix of aggression and sensuality in her voice. Great way to start things off.

“No One Gets Out Alive!” proclaims Gabriel in “Sonic Bionic.” The track has heavier industrial feel with a strong presence of synth, keyboard, and shout along lyrics. Think Pretty Hate Machine era Nine Inch Nails, but with a female vocalist.

“Cellophane Nation” takes a dark and sinister turn at the 1:05 mark with the band kicks into high gear following the ethereal and dreamy prelude. This one will be a must see and hear when performed live in concert.

“Counting Scars” has an element of swagger in the chorus that makes you not only want to raise your fists, but move your body. The bottom end rhythm makes you want to sway and lose yourself in its trance. Lindy (Gabriel) sounds particularly venomous on this particular track.

“Bleed Me an Ocean” is easily my favorite track on the album. I am partial to heavier and more emotional songs, and this one hits the nail right on the head. The intro is noticeably gorgeous, building gradual before exploding into the infectious chorus. The guitar leads are amazing as well.

The band switches things up with their version of the Midnight Oil classic, “Beds are Burning.” Definitely a perfect song to cover to tie in with the theme of the album. They definitely breathe new life into the song and bring it to the 21st century.

Alpha Bionic closes out with two incredible tracks that are on completely different ends of the spectrum, musically. “Transcend” is easily the heaviest track on the entire album. Right from the get go, everything is in-your-face and pushed to the extreme. This track, in my opinion would be the track to play when telling your friends about Gabriel and the Apocalypse. It showcases just how versatile they can be. You get a taste of the heavy and the melodic sides.

“Disgraceful Bliss” brings the album to a very quiet and hushed conclusion. After that freight train of a track in “Transcend”, this song brings the tempo done and allows the senses to recover. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, “Disgraceful Bliss” brings everything to a very satisfying conclusion.

With the release of Alpha Bionic, Gabriel and the Apocalypse have reinvented themselves with both a new look and sound. They have all the right tools make big waves in the modern hard rock and metal scene. I look forward to seeing where they will go next. Rating: 8/10 Stars.

Contributing Writer for I’m Music Magazine Jason “Supes” Mesa

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