Album Review ~ She Made Me Do It ~ ‘Drenched’

British New Wave Electronic rockers She Made Me Do It has released a four song EP entitled Drenched that is a great introduction to the band for those, like me, who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing them before. The duo draws heavily on the guitar sound of Will Crewdson. Crewdson has worked with such greats as Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow and Rachel Stamp. It was in Rachel Stamp that he found Shahenna Dax, singer for She Made Me Do It.  

     The EP opens up with the song “Bones.” It’s a great hard rocking opener, with a very awesome guitar solo, showcasing Crewdson’s talent, but I personally found it lyrically a bit repetitive. I very much enjoyed just the music on this one. I’ve read in other reviews about “Bones” being a dark, sexually themed song, but I don’t get that vibe. Let me know if you feel differently. They have released a video for this song, and maybe that contributes to that feeling? 

     The next song, which as of this writing is the most popular download on the fruity labeled music platform is “Broken Morning.” The 80’s New Wave influences are unmistakable in this one. I immediately was reminded of The Church with the intro (“Under the Milky Way”). I hear a great deal of influence from The Smiths, The Cure and the like as well. The way that Dax almost breathes the verses, then changes to a harder voice singing her warning for the chorus, is very intriguing. This, by far, is my favorite on the entire EP.  

     The next 2 songs “Ashes” and “Time” also have a bit of that New Wave influence but not near as much. They both take advantage of Dax’s sometimes haunting voice, especially on “Time.” The way she manipulates her vocals is beautiful, as it can change the entire feel of the song. On
“Time,” the breathy, haunting voice combined with the keyboards, is otherworldly.  

     This new EP is definitely worth a listen, and if, like me, you are new to the band, join me in checking out some of the older material as well! 

Contributing Photographer/Writer for I’m Music Magazine Michele Hancock

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