Album Review ~ Year of the Locust ~ ‘Year of the Locust’

 A perfect ending to my story of my impromptu Year of the Locust show would definitely be a review of their self-titled EP that came out! All but one of the four songs on the EP were performed that night so when I listened to it, it was all very familiar!  

  The first song “Stay Alive” was released early, and I had already downloaded it before the show. It’s a great lead off track on the EP, with the intro riffs drawing you in. The lyrics are inviting as well, with only that riff behind them. “Standing on the edge / looking down, you better make your peace. “ That’s powerful and makes me want to know more. This one is definitely my favorite on this release. 

  After that is “Line ‘Em Up.” A hard rocking raisin’ hell song, for a night at the bar! We all deserve to have the feeling described here, for a bit of fun. The sound fits the attitude behind it, and hearing it live its every bit of fun! Next time the boys are in town, I owe them a round, and we will line ‘em up and knock ‘em down. This song should be a requirement on every party playlist, with its fast tempo and who cares attitude! 

     The final two songs on the EP are “Whispers in the Dark” and “Sorry.” These both are lyrically the deepest. “Sorry” especially reaches into the shambles of a broken relationship, with the Scot’s pained voice pierced by guitar and drums, almost like slamming doors.  

   Having educated myself over the past month, listening to their past music, I have to say that this is definitely the best yet. Just my humble opinion, but if hard rock that has some passion in it is your thing, then check out my buddies from Year of the Locust.  

Contributing Photographer/Writer for I’m Music Magazine Michele Hancock

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