Miss Eaves ~ Bowery Electric ~ April 4, 2019 ~ New York, New York

There is a tour de force coming straight out of Bed-Stuy, usually seen with some giant french fries dangling from her ears. Praised by the likes of the New York Times, Jezebel and Glamour, Miss Eaves’ 2017 viral video “Thunder Thighs” captivated over two million viewers with a balls-out anthem to body positivity. 

Throw any John Waters film, Amy Sedaris, and Missy Elliott in a blender, and that’s a Miss Eaves stage show. She is shocking and blunt and funny as hell, making incredible use of pantomime, sometimes chuckling to herself. She confronts people from the stage, calling out bad behaviour and celebrating the good stuff of being human. There is nothing precious about her performances. In a society hellbent on silence and censorship in the name of propriety, Miss Eaves lets that all out in a stream of unfettered truths. Her latest show at the Bowery Electric in NYC was a mix of uproarious laughter and, with the merry announcement of “Bush For The Push,” a song about pubic hair grooming…the shifty discomfort of your grade 4 sex-ed class. 

“Don’t tell me I’m too hairy to eat’ cause I’m all natural: Bon Appetit!”

The wide-eyed reaction of the audience said it all. Despite her comical joie de vivre delivery, Miss Eaves still wields the power to shock…and she has a lot to discuss. Fuccbois, ghosters, manchildren, disposable romance, masturbation and the absurdity of self-hatred are all fair game for this modern-day Puck. From “Fuccboi Salute,” an anthem for the Tinder Generation, to “Thunder Thighs,” a bop about being comfortable in your skin, her raps resonate hardcore with anyone who’s been ghosted or brushed aside for wanting true connection. Outsiders and misfits alike can relate. 

In addition to her eight-year career as a feminist rapper, Miss Eaves’ alter-ego, Shanthony Exum, is an accomplished multimedia artist: any graphic designer will instantly recognize her stage name as a very distinguished and well-respected font. Appropriate for this queen.

Miss Eaves just dropped a new EP, called sad, written during the throes of Seasonal Affective Disorder. The standout single on this one, “Left Swipe Left,” describes the depressing nature of Tinder dating. It will undoubtedly have you chanting “Left, left, left swipe left” during your next attempt at online love….but “it’s ok, tho’.” Get that plate of cheese and chocolate out and play this jam loud. You’re gonna be fine and she’ll tell you why.

sad is now available on all streaming platforms.


“Bush For The Push” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EIkO3tueJw&feature=youtu.be

“Thunder Thighs” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY1o9igy0a0

Photos and article by Contributing Photographer/Writer Alice Teeple

Here are some of the shots from Miss Eaves’ recent show at Bowery Electric in New York City. Right click on each picture for a larger view! These shots were captured by Alice Teeple and you can follow her amazing work on Instagram.

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